Benjamin Mace-Crossley

Ben Crossley

Region - STA North West

I’m a level 4 sports massage therapist, business owner with a clinic in Chester City centre. I’m an avid runner and have worked with a broad range of clients from  GB triathletes, ultra runners to your Sunday weekend warriors, gym goers and general folk from all walks of life.

I’m a strong believer that manual hands on therapy isn’t just about massage, its therapy all round. A general maintenance massage is your clients time away from their daily stresses. Make sure that the time you give them is all about them. 


My thoughts when someone comes in with an injury or discomfort is to put aside what I’ve read and learnt, i don’t instantly think i know the answer. I give my clients time to speak, hear them out and start from scratch. This gives everyone the time and individuality they deserve. 

Anything I’m unsure about, i tell them. Then we start an investigation together. Never wing it or talk nonsense. It’s not worth it. You’re not learning anything and you risk losing valuable business and reputation.


The STA is such a great community full of really knowledgeable therapists who all have their own individual strengths. Networking is the greatest and simplest resource you have.  Never be afraid tho ask questions and reach out to those around you. 


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