Joanna Hoddinott

Region: STA South East
Hi Everyone,
I am Joanna, a Graduate Sports Therapist based down in Hampshire. I only graduated last summer but as you can no doubt tell from the photo - this was a career change for me! Prior to returning to University in 2017, I worked for nearly 20 years in recruitment and human resources internationally. However, having hurt my back when I was 11 years old I decided to retrain so that I could help others avoid the challenges that I faced in recovering from persistent pain and a back injury. My clinic is based in a small, but growing town called Bordon, and I focus on a mix of Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation with a strong bias towards exercise therapy. As part of my career change I took qualifications as a Personal Trainer, S&C Coach and most recently Clinical Pilates Instructor. Whilst I don't have a sporting background, I have participated in sports ranging from motorsport (I raced cars), green laning with motorbikes, road bike riding all around Europe (I was fortunate to be able to live in Berlin and Barcelona), coastal rowing, mountain biking, strength training and most recently hiking. Whilst opening a clinic is never easy, it has been all the more challenging for being in the middle of a pandemic! It is definitely not easy and I am becoming a master at virtual consults (my interviewing skills from recruitment are really paying off), but I am making head way and clawing my way forward bit by bit. My speciality is working with middle aged and older women for the clinic, though I am soon to be adding pre / post-natal pilates and kid / teens pilates into the mix, and once lockdown 3.0 is done with I will be signing a contract to support a local Rugby Team (plus hopefully a basketball team). I am excited to be able to support Emma for the South East STA Members and hope to be able to offer value from a commercial / life experience perspective!
You can find out more about my work over on my website: 

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