Ep74 'Massage 2021 - Year of Change?' with special guests The Massage Collective

In Ep.74 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we welcome back to the show The Massage Collective - Anna Maria Mazzieri, Becky DeMott Horton & Matt Scarsbrook.Though it's not quite Christmas yet, with Therapy Expo 2021 just around the corner it gives us an opportune moment to look back at 2021 at consider changes we have seen in the Sports Massage Industry over the year.

Anna Maria, Becky and Matt started the 'Massage Collective' back in October 2020 and from the outset proved to be key players in the promotion & facilitation of a shift in how massage therapy is presented within healthcare provision. In this episode, Anna Maria and Matt (Becky could sadly not join us in the live studio) take a look at how far our Industry has come in a year, and what 2022 potentially holds in terms of goals, challenges and continued evolution.

Topics discussed include:

  • Massage: 'It's All About The Nerves' 
  • Elevator Pitch: What's changed in our understanding of massage?
  • Working with Jack Chew and Physio Matters
  • Limitations of randomised control trial study design
  • Sources for Massage Therapists wanting to become more evidence based
  • Communication & education amongst fellow therapists
  • Therapy Expo 2021 at NEC Birmingham - November 25th and 26th 

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