Matt Phillips

matt phillips

Region: STA South East

Matt Phillips is a Sports Therapist & Running Coach with a particular interest in movement & pain science. Though best known for helping runners (Running Injury Specialist for Running Fitness Magazine and writer for Runners Connect) Matt also works with many non-runners, especially people suffering from persistent pain.

With a background in strength & conditioning, Matt turned his attention to Sports Therapy in 2001 whilst working closely with runners of all levels from couch to elite. Disillusioned with the predominant 'structural' focus of much of the manual therapy courses taught at the time, Matt turned his attention to the learning & moving principles of the Feldenkrais Method, drawing interesting parallels with emerging concepts from modern neuroscience.

Matt delivers his CPD workshops 'Putting the Evidence Back into Running Injury Management' and 'Gait Analysis & Gait Re-education' to therapists up & down the UK, and in 2017 will be taking the workshops to Europe. There is also a three hour workshop for runners, which Matt presents to UK Athletics Run England Leaders.

This November, Matt will once again be a guest speaker at TherapyExpo, Birmingham NEC. If you're a health care professional who looks after runners, be sure to check him out!

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