Ep.71 'NSAIDs - Uses & Abuses' with special guest Dr Fiona Higgs

As therapists, some of you will be aware of the controversy that surrounds the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, particularly if taken prior or during endurance events such as triathlon, marathons & ultras. The organizers of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) World Series recently announced that they will be banning the use of painkillers within 24 hours and during all races.

In Ep.71 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we welcome back special guest Dr Fiona Higgs of move-well.co.uk, a Sport & Exercise Scientist, Educator, Sports Massage & Exercise Therapist and published scientific author. Fiona raises the point that for some athletes, NSAIDs play a vital part in allowing participation, eg. those with physical disability and athletes suffering from pain related to their menstrual cycle. Is it fair to end their participation with a new 'one size fits all' ban of painkillers?

Topics discussed include:

  • To what extent do female athletes rely on pain killers to be able to deal with period related pain whist competing?     
  • Is there an element of taboo or shame when it comes to discussing such topics?
  • How can we empower female athletes and women in general to speak up? 
  • There is a suggestion that women are less inclined to stand up and speak out - is this nature or nurture? 
  • How much is the media to blame?      
  • Details of Fiona's up & coming courses including 'Foundations in Biomechanics' courses in 2022, 'How to Read Scientific Journal Articles', 'Plan and Deliver an Online Workshop', 'Presentation Skills for Sports Therapists', 'An Introduction to Biomechanics' and more!

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