Gary Benson

Gary Benson

Founder of the Sports Therapy Association,  Gary dedicates his time to supporting the STA community and developing relationships with other industry stakeholders. Accountable to members, Gary is always available to chat about industry or individual matters.

No longer working in clinical practise, Gary mentors new therapists as they begin their journey and has vowed that no STA member will ever feel isloated. From an early career in the Military and subsequent business interests, Gary has achieved a number of vocational and academic qualifications from the catering, nutrition, fitness, coaching and therapy industries. Previously working as a teacher and assessor in Further Edcuation and the Private sector, Gary launched the STA in early 2014 after leaving teaching and several advisory roles in the industry with the intention of providing unrivalled support to members. Uniquely positioned without direct links to training providers he offers unbiased and independant guidance to members and those entering the industry. Gary is passionate about raising standards, challenging misinformation and discrimination in the industry or in the employment sector. Gary has assembled a great team of Regional Representatives to give local support to the membership and the below mentioned staff members who deliver a range of free to access resources over several media platforms. 

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