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Ep.56 'Back Pain Special' with guest Rob Beaven

Lower back pain is an extremely common condition, and although there are many resources out there designed to provide sufferers with relief, help or clarity, much of the advice is far from evidence informed. In Ep.56 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, our special guest is Rob Beaven, chiropractor and co-host of The Back Pain Podcast.

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Ep.55 'Over 60s Resistance Training' with guest Chris Tiley

Many of us are aware of the multiple benefits of strength training, but how confident are we using it with older patients/clients? How skilled are we in adapting strength training around disability and injury?

In Ep.55 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, host Matt Phillips of Runchatlive chats with special guest Chris Tiley, creator of Chris has worked in hospitals in both the UK and Canada, in rehabilitation units and with Sports teams including British Parasnowsport.

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Ep.54 'Endometriosis Special' with guest Deborah Thurlow-Rowley

In Ep.54 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, host Matt Phillips of Runchatlive chats with special guest Deborah Thurlow-Rowley of the Bedfordshire Support Group for Endometriosis UK. Around 1.5 million women in the UK are currently living with Endometriosis, a chronic and often debilitating condition that can cause painful or heavy periods, and may also lead to infertility, fatigue and bowel & bladder problems. Because endometriosis manifests itself in a variety of ways and shares symptoms with other conditions, diagnosis can be difficult and often delayed.

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Ep.53 'Graduate Sports Therapists: What Career Options?'

In Ep.53 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, guest host Mike Grice of Movement Therapy Education kindly stands in for Matt Phillips (on holiday up North) to discuss with Gary Benson and STA members about the job opportunities that are available for Graduate Sports Therapists.

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Ep.52 'Insurance Special' with Balens Insurance

Scheduled for a month ago but sadly had to be postponed, we are happy to bring you Ep.52 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, a live hour 'Insurance Special' with guest David Balen, Chairman of Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.

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