STA80 'Focus on Fascia, Part 2‘ with special guests Walt Fritz and Tania Velásquez

And so our December 'Focus on Fascia' continues! Last week in Ep.79 we were joined by highly esteemed Julian Baker of Functional Anatomy and Ana Barretxeguren of Evolve Movement Education.

This week we welcome to the show live from New York: Walt Fritz and Tania Velásquez.

Walt Fritz, our guest in Ep.32 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast back in January, has been teaching Massage, Occupational, and Physical Therapists for over two decades. Having trained and worked for some of the pioneers of Myofascial Release (MFR), Walt decided it was time to move the traditional MFR narrative from its historical roots into more modern and accepted narratives of neurological explanation. His 'Foundations in Manual Therapy Seminars' are helping therapists worldwide move beyond the traditionally teachings of fascia work.

Tania Velásquez is the founder of Pinpoint Education, an educational resource platform for massage professionals, manual therapists, and bodyworkers. She is also adjunct faculty at the Pacific College-NY campus where she teaches orthopedic/sports massage and kinesiology.


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STA79 'Focus on Fascia, Part 1' with special guests Julian Baker & Ana Barretxeguren

This December, we are devoting the whole month to the topic of FASCIA!
In the first of two 'expert episodes', we have the pleasure of being joined by Julian Baker & Ana Barretxeguren. Together they tackle the task of defining what fascia is, its function and how the last 30 years of research has seen our understanding of fascia evolve.

Warning: The VIDEO recording of this episode available on the Sports Therapy Association YouTube channel and Sports Therapy Association Website includes images of cadaveric dissection which are not suitable for younger viewers and some adults. We discuss how dissection classes can help improve a therapist's understanding of the role of fascia in the human body.

About Our Guests:
Julian Baker
is founder of the European College of Bowen Studies and functionalanatomy.com. Julian has taught thousands of students over the years the skill of The Bowen Technique, a non invasive system of fascial release. The author of two books on Bowen and Fascia, Julian has contributed hundreds of articles about bodywork, fascia, dissection and the human form. His hugely popular courses & webinars are available at functionalanatomy.com

Ana Barretxeguren is creator of Moving Fascia® and evolvemovementeducation.com. Ana studied Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute and studies anatomy through human dissection. Ana has a PgDip in Anatomical Sciences and is the founder of Brighton Pilates Studio.

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Ep78 ‘Therapy Expo 2021 - Post Conference Reflections' with guests Mike Grice, Catherine Rimer and Stevie Barr

For the first time in 77 weeks, there was no Sports Therapy Association Podcast episode last week because we were all at Therapy Expo 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham!

For those of who were able to be there with us, it was obviously a fantastic chance to put the 'body behind the face' after 77 weeks of purely social media interaction, but how was it as a conference? What was the content like? Was there actual information soft tissue therapists could take home with them and start implementing immediately? And were sufficient Covid-19 precautions put in place? 

To answer these questions and more, host Matt Phillips of Runchatlive is joined once again by Mike Grice, Director of Movement Therapy  Education, STA regional rep Catherine Rimer and STA member & Sports Massage Therapist Stevie Barr of Fit For Life.

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Ep77 ‘Therapy Expo 2021 - Who To Watch?‘ with guests Mike Grice, Catherine Rimer and Stevie Barrat

In Ep.77 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we take one last opportunity to talk about the up & coming Therapy Expo 2021, happening next week on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th at NEC Birmingham. Joining host Matt Phillips is Mike Grice, Director of Movement Therapy Education, STA regional rep Catherine Rimer, and STA member Stevie Barrat.

AND... in two week's time on Tuesday 30th of November in Episode 78 of the podcast, the same group will be back to discuss how the conference went!

We are obviously particularly excited this year as it will be a chance for listeners of the last 76 weeks of our podcast to finally meet up in person, in many cases for the first time face to face! Our podcast was born out of a demand created by the Covid-19 pandemic for communication, with therapists realising that much needed answers & support could be provided by talking with each other, as opposed to the traditional practice of keeping one's guard up in fear of losing clients!

Therapy Expo 2021 will therefore be a huge event on many levels. The Sport Therapy Association are the only professional association of our industry who have been at Therapy Expo every year since it first started in 2013, with a clear goal of providing face-to-face support for current STA members and be a clear, non biased source of information for soft tissue therapists interested in joining a professional association.

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Ep76 ‘Therapy Expo 2021‘ with special guest Liam Richardson, Head of Content.

In Ep.74 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we take a behind the scenes look at Therapy Expo 2021, happening THIS month on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th at NEC Birmingham. To do so, we are joined by special guest Liam Richardson, Head of Content for Healthcare for CloserStill Media, the company that as well as organising Therapy Expo since the inaugural 2013 event, produces more than 80 over events in the UK and abroad, including The London Vet Show, The Pharmacy Show, Learning Technologies, The Dentistry Show, and more.

Topics discussed include:

  • How tricky was the decision to have Therapy Expo go ahead this year?
  • What Covid-19 precautions have been put into place?
  • How has Therapy Expo changed over the years?
  • What goals do you put into place when selecting content?
  • What are you particularly excited about this year?

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Ep75 'Safety In Practice: Female Sports Massage Therapists'

Despite it being 2021, we sadly STILL live in an age where Sports & Massage Therapists do not always feel safe during / after work. From inappropriate banter, comments & requests to stalking, attack & abuse, therapists within our industry are subjected to what many of us do not realise is shockingly common abuse, highlighting a total lack of understanding of what Sports & Remedial Massage is all about. 

In Ep.75 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we focus on safety at work for Female Massage Therapists, though the subject of safety of work is obviously one that can affect all therapists regardless of gender. We are joined live by nine female massage therapists, each of whom was kind enough to share personal details of their experiences and join each other in thought & discussion. The extent of this issue rapidly becomes apparent, causing us to seriously ask ourselves why this topic is so often ignored or swept under the carpet.

Warning: The subject matter in this episode may cause distress, so please check who is around you when you are listening. If you are affected by the content of this episode and would like support or simply a chat, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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