STA86 'Women's Health - Part 1' with special guests Dr Fiona Higgs PhD and Deborah Thurlow-Rowley

A new month means a new Focus Topic here on the Sports Therapy Association Videocast & Podcast, and the topic for February is... WOMEN'S HEALTH.

To start off our month, we welcome back to the podcast special guests Dr Fiona Higgs and Debs Thurlow-Rowley, who are together about to launch their own project & podcast: 'Women in Sports Therapy' (WIST).

Fiona & Debs discuss their new project how a combination of their own personal experience and that of patients they see in clinic highlights a continued need for an increase in communication when it comes to Women's Health. They explain how each new monthly episode will cover an issue that might affect anyone who possesses a female reproductive system. From ovulatory cycles to opening hours - the aim of the game will be to discuss and offer helpful insights and practical information relating to clients and practitioners alike.

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STA85 'CrossFit Pt4: Weightlifting as Part of CrossFit' with special guest Michaela Breeze MBE

And so we reach the final part of this month's 'Focus on #CrossFit' on the Sports Therapy Association Videocast & Podcast, which was recorded as always LIVE at 8pm on a Tuesday.

In this episode, we were hugely honoured to be joined by special guest Michaela Breeze MBE, one of Britain’s most successful female weightlifters of all time!

  • Double Olympian
  • 6 x Commonwealth Games Medals
  • Commonwealth Games Champion
  • British Record Holder
  • Recipient of an MBE in 2011 for services to weightlifting

Since retiring from competition, Michaela focuses her time helping others achieve their potential, and over the last 2 decades has coached over 20 athletes to compete on the international stage.

Through 'Breeze Academy' (https://powerposition.co.uk), Michaela has helped Crossfitters all over the world improve their Olympic lifts, teaching how to move consistently, safely and efficiently in order to optimise personal performance.

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#STA84 'CrossFit Pt3: Flexibility & Mobility' with special guest Sonia Fierro

In Part 3 of this month's Focus on #CrossFit, recorded as always LIVE on the Sports Therapy Association Facebook Page & YouTube channel, we focus on #Flexibility & #Mobility Training.

Joining us, we welcome back Sports Therapist & Osteopath Sonia Fierro, who was also our guest in Part 2 of our CrossFit Focus, along with with Chiropractor Robert Crowley.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The difference between flexibility, mobility and stretching
  • How do flexibility & mobility requirements in CrossFit compare to other activities?
  • Different types of flexibility training: Active, Passive, Static, Dynamic.
  • How much of a requirement is flexibility & mobility for CrossFit?
  • The squat: potential mobility issues in ankles and hips. 
  • How easy is it improve your Flexibility & Mobility?
  • Using flexibility training to reduce flexibility & improve control, e.g. hypermobile athletes  
  • How useful are online CrossFit apps?
  • The advantages of the Stick Mobility training System 

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STA83 'Crossfit Pt2: Injury Management' with Prof. Mark Wilson, Natalie Grainger, Anna Maria Mazzieri

In this episode of the Sports Therapy Association Videocast & Podcast, we continue our January Focus on #CrossFit.

In Part 1, guests Robert Crowley & Sonia Fierro talked about the history of CrossFit, its evolution, common myths & misconceptions. This week in Part 2, guests Professor Mark Wilson, Crossfit Coach Natalie Grainger and Soft Tissue Therapist Anna Maria Mazzieri discuss 'CrossFit Injury: Management & Prevention'.

Warning: There are two moments including swear words in this episode. Not suitable for youngsters or the easily offended!

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Is injury within CrossFit as high as its reputation suggests?
  • How inclusive is CrossFit? Who can benefit? 
  • What are the most common factors that lead to injury within CrossFit?
  • What are some of the most common injuries in CrossFit?
  • How much emphasis in CrossFit is placed on biomechanics and movement patterns?
  • To what extent can coach & therapist communication help people with CrossFit injuries?
  • How does understanding the psychology of your client help in CrossFit?
  • How much variance is there between CrossFit Gyms (Boxes) and Coaches?
  • How much variance is there between Therapists?
  • Where can one quality information on CrossFit Programming and Evidence Based Therapy? 

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STA82 ’CrossFit Focus: Part 1’ with special guests Robert Crowley and Sonia Fierro

Happy New Year! January 2022 on the Sports Therapy Association Videocast & Podcast sees the start of a new season, with a focus this month on... CROSSFIT.

In the first of four CrossFit episodes, we have the pleasure of being joined by special guests Robert Crowley & Sonia Fierro. Together they take a look at:

  • The origins of CrossFit
  • Myths and misconceptions in the perception of CrossFit
  • Scaling (progression & regression) 
  • The benefits of CrossFit
  • How CrossFit has become more accessible to a larger audience

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STA81 ‘Fascia Focus: Open Group Discussion‘ with guests Liz Bayley, Ian Linane and David Poulter

And so we reach the final part of our December 'Focus on Fascia', and at the same time the last episode of 2021!

In this OPEN GROUP DISCUSSION on Fascia we are joined by special guests:

  • Liz Bayley: Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Psychology Graduate and former professional dancer (also our guest in Ep. 33 & 60).
  • Ian Linane: Podiatrist & Fascial Manipulation Therapist at Podia-clinic and trainer in manual therapy at Infigo Education.
  • David Poulter: Developer alongside Robin McKenzie of the McKenzie Institute International Diploma course, presenter of international courses including “Patients have all the Answers”, “Telling isn’t Teaching”, and “Manual techniques in a Patient Centred Paradigm.” Currently works as a consultant through his own company MT3 and online mentoring program for clinicians.

Together, the guests reflect on questions sent in following our two Fascia Episodes - Ep79 with Julian Baker of Functional Anatomy & Ana Barretxeguren of Evolve Movement Education, and Ep.80 with Walt Fritz of 'Foundations in Manual Therapy Seminars' and Tania Velásquez, founder of Pinpoint Education. Questions are also taken from the live audience who joined us via the STA Facebook page and STA YouTube channel.


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