Ep.71 'NSAIDs - Uses & Abuses' with special guest Dr Fiona Higgs

As therapists, some of you will be aware of the controversy that surrounds the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, particularly if taken prior or during endurance events such as triathlon, marathons & ultras. The organizers of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) World Series recently announced that they will be banning the use of painkillers within 24 hours and during all races.

In Ep.71 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we welcome back special guest Dr Fiona Higgs of move-well.co.uk, a Sport & Exercise Scientist, Educator, Sports Massage & Exercise Therapist and published scientific author. Fiona raises the point that for some athletes, NSAIDs play a vital part in allowing participation, eg. those with physical disability and athletes suffering from pain related to their menstrual cycle. Is it fair to end their participation with a new 'one size fits all' ban of painkillers?

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Ep70 'Back Pain: Case Study Special' with Rob Beaven and Dave Elliott

In Ep.70 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we welcome special guests Rob Beaven & Dave Elliott - hosts of The Back Pain Podcast, who share with us three of their own case histories involving clients with back pain, selected due to the fact that they each played a big part in their personal learning experience. Together, these case histories provide fantastic real life examples of how we can learn from the oversights & mistakes we as therapists typically make in the early days of our career, and how important self reflection is in helping us evolve and get better at what we do.

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Ep69 'STA Monthly Catch Up' with Matt Phillips, Gary Benson, Ryan

In Ep.69 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, host Matt Phillips of Runchatlive is joined by STA founder Gary Benson for a Sports Therapy Association Monthly Catch Up, along with Ryan Smith, STA regional rep East Midlands and Becky Carol STA regional rep for South West of England.

Together they take a look at recent developments & changes within the Sports Therapy & Sports Massage Therapy Industries and ways in which the STA has/could help therapists to meet modern demands.

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Ep68 'Therapists As Patients: What Can We Learn?' with special guest Dr Claire Minshull

In Ep.68 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we we welcome the return of Dr Claire Minshull, a hugely respected Rehabilitation specialist with over 20+ years experience working in sports medicine and health as a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and Practitioner.

Back in July, Claire was knocked off her bike by a car, sustaining injury that included a dislocated sternoclavicular joint & concussion. Following surgery, we are pleased to say Claire is happily on the mend and in this episode will be sharing details of her personal rehabilitation, including what as therapists we can learn when the tables are turned and we become the patient.

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Ep67 'Sports Therapists: Stop Pretending To be Physios!' with special guest Dr David Rhodes

"I am bemused by the Sports Therapy profession... Where have the rehab specialists gone, the sports science knowledge, the S&C competency? Stop pretending to be physios."

In Ep.67 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we are honoured to be joined by Dr David Rhodes, Course Lead in DProf in Elite Performance at the University of Central Lancashire. 

Qualifying as a Sports Scientist in 2003 and a Sports Therapy MSc in 2008, Dr Rhodes completed his PhD in 2017 in the temporal pattern of recovery in eccentric hamstring strength and dynamic stability in footballers, and in 2021 secured a consultancy role at Motherwell Football Club as Head of Medicine and Performance.

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Ep66 'Understanding The Fear Avoidance Model' with special guest Jamie Johnston

Fear can help individuals in pain protect themselves from further harm as it prompts defensive behaviour. However, continued fear can lead to the avoidance of activities that people associate with their pain, often leading to distress, disability, absenteeism, and increased healthcare costs down the line. This is referred to as the Fear Avoidance Model.

In Ep.66 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, we welcome back special guest Jamie Johnston, Registered Massage Therapist in Canada and creator of 'The Massage Therapist Development Centre' (www.themtdc.com).

Together with his partner in crime Eric Purves, Jamie is also the creator an host of podcast The Massage Therapist Development Initiative, a highly recommended source of free CPD with some awesome guests (especially the 'all things running' guy in Episode 6)!

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