STA101: Nutrition Month Pt3: ’Food Intolerance' with Dr Gill Hart

Our 'Focus on Nutrition' month continues with Part 3: 'Food Intolerance' with special guest Dr Gill Hart, BSc (Hons), PhD, Cert Mgmt (Open), FIBMS.

Dr Gill Hart is a leading UK Biochemist, an expert on food intolerance and a credible and respected authority on a range of related issues, with over twenty years experience in the development and clinical evaluation of diagnostic tests.

As Scientific Director at YorkTest Laboratories ,a leading provider of food intolerance tests and food allergy tests for 40 years, Gill regularly gives talks and lectures on food intolerance at Universities, Colleges, trade shows and consumer events. She also provides guidance for those choosing diagnostic tests with her ‘What makes a good diagnostic test’ checklist, and has written many articles in scientific journals and consumer magazines.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The history of food intolerance testing and how YorkTest became the UK’s leading food intolerance, allergy and home health testing company.
  • The difference between an allergy and a food sensitivity
  • The prevalence of food intolerance worldwide and in the UK
  • Different types of food intolerance and the tests available
  • Symptoms of food intolerance
  • Immunoglobulin G Tests - Why do we measure food-specific IgG antibodies in blood?
  • IgG tests at YorkTesting - how blood is taken, how food-specific IgG reactions are measured, how results are collated
  • A look at the evidence for food-specific IgG tests being effective
  • How soft tissue therapists & practicioners can work alongside YorkTest, and how can tests be ordered

Useful Links  

  • YorkTest Website: yorktest.com
  • YorkTest Practitioner Account Team:
    Tel: 01904 410 410
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Facebook: @yorktestUK
  • Twitter: @yorktestlabs
  • Instagram: @yorktestUK

Our sincere thanks to Dr Gill Hart for giving up her time to be a guest on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast!

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STA100: Nutrition Month Pt2: ’The Endurance Diet' with guest Matt Fitzgerald

We've reached 100 episodes! A huge thank you to all listeners & guests who have helped us reach this milestone! And to celebrate it, we continue our 'Focus on Nutrition' month: 'The Endurance Diet' with special guest Matt Fitzgerald. 

Matt Fitzgerald is a hugely respected endurance runner, sports journalist & best selling author. Therapists who work with runners/triathletes or are runners/triathletes themselves will most probably be familiar with Matt Fitzgerald's articles online & in magazines, plus his books including 'Brain Training for Runners', '80/20 Running', the recent 'Run Like a Pro', plus his excellent nutrition based books including the 'Racing Weight Series', 'Diet Cults' and 'The Endurance Diet'.

This episode is an absolute must for anyone interested in diet for endurance athletes!

Topics discussed include:

  • You’ve written quite a few books on nutrition over the years including your 'Racing Weight Series' 2011 -2014, 'Diet Cults' in 2014, 'The Endurance Diet' in 2016. Have your views on diet for athletes changed much across that time?
  • Your Book 'The Endurance Diet' is based on your personal study of how elite athletes around the world eat. Should we recreational athletes be following the same diet as elite athletes?
  • How important a factor is genetics when it comes to elite endurance athletes?
  • A look at the evolution of humans and diet 
  • A look at the 'Five Principal Habits' of a successful endurance diet:
    - eat everything
    - eat quality
    - eat carb-centred
    - eat enough
    - eat individually.
  • Why are most popular diets based on cutting out certain types of food?
  • Do Elite endurance athletes all follow the same diet? 
  • When you say eat everything, do you mean things like alcohol & sweets too?
  • How common are food intolerances and allergies in elite athletes?
  • Training Plans: https://www.8020endurance.com/
  • Latest book: 'Run Like a Pro, Even If You're Slow'.  

Useful Links  

Please Support Our Podcast!
If you appreciate what we do, please take a couple of minutes to leave us a rating & review on Apple Podcasts. It really does make all the difference in helping us reach out to a larger audience. iPhone users you can do this from your phone, Android users you will need to do it from iTunes.

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STA99: ’Nutrition: Mind Over Matter?’ with special guest Dr Gary Mendoza

New month, new Focus Topic... NUTRITION! Join us for LIVE video recordings of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast throughout May at 8pm (GMT+1) with special guests discussing nutrition related topics.

Our special guest Dr Gary Mendoza, a behaviour change expert and lecturer in Nutrition for Sport & Exercise at Bath Spa and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities, opens the month with an episode entitled 'Nutrition: Mind Over Matter?'

Dr Mendoza was a guest back in August 2021 in Ep64 of the Sports Therapy Asspciation Podcast: 'Motivational Interviewing for Client Communication', and in this episode discusses how important an understanding of Behaviour Change is when working with patients or clients trying to manage their weight.

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STA98: 'In-Home Polysomnography' with special guest Dr Amy M Bender

And so we reach the final part of our 'SLEEP AWARENESS MONTH' on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast, with special guest Dr Amy M Bender, Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra, talking about 'In-Home Polysomnography' and sharing the results of host Matt Phillips' recent five week sleep study.

What is in-Home Polysomnography?
The most comprehensive form of sleep study currently available requires going to a sleep-lab. However, for many the sleeping environment is unnatural and equipment uncomfortable. A popular alternative is the ‘Home Sleep Apnea Test’ (HSAT), which though convenient only measures breathing and respiratory functions, not sleep quality.

Enter the ‘Cerebra Sleep System‘ – an in-home, self applied polysomnogram (PSG) that provides the quality diagnostics of an in-lab study with the convenience of Home Sleep Apnea Testing.

For those of you who like the nitty gritty, Cerebra Sleep System uses the patented algorithm Odds Ratio Product (ORP) that micro analyses the Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal providing a continuous measure of sleep depth, moving beyond conventional scoring methods to dig deeper into brain activity.

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STA97: ’Sleep: Injury & Performance’ with special guest Dr Jonathan Charest

Part 3 of our 'SLEEP AWARENESS MONTH' on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast brings you 'Sleep: Injury & Performance' with special guest Dr Jonathan Charest, Director of Athlete Sleep Services at The Centre for Sleep & Human Performance, in Calgary, Canada.

Dr Charest, a published scientific author in the field of sleep research, discusses the impact sleep quality/quantity can have on athletic performance, cognition, health, and mental well-being. He also talks about the role of sleep in reducing risk of injury, and how by delivering education, screening tools, and research-based strategies we can help establish healthy sleep for athletes throughout their career.

Topics discussed include:

  • Has there been an increase in our understanding of the relationship between sleep and athletic performance over the last few years?
  • Do athletes sleep worse than non athletic population?
  • Does going to bed earlier the night before early morning training help?
  • How relevant are Circadian Rhythms and Chronotypes when it comes to working with athletes?
  • Are potential future elite athletes slipping through the net because of insufficient sleep?
  • Do elite athletes for different sports tend to be of the same chronotype?  
  • What are some ways we can help athletes who are suffering from inadequate sleep?
  • How useful are sleep trackers and wearables to athletes?
  • How much of a factor is the type of sport when it comes to sleep inadequacy?
  • Can athletes 'bank' sleep hourse and if so how long do saved hours last?
  • What strategies can we give to athletes to help them improve their sleep?       

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STA96: Sleep Awareness Month Pt2 - ’Sleep Trackers’ with guest Dr Olivia Walch

'SLEEP AWARENESS MONTH' on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast continues with Part 2: 'Sleep Trackables' with special guest Dr Olivia Walch, CEO of Arcascope, a company that develops science-backed apps to help people fix their sleep and circadian rhythms. Because SLEEP is such a massively important topic, this month's episodes are being recorded LIVE on not just the STA YouTube Channel but also Runchatlive Facebook Page!

With an estimated one in three people in the UK reporting regular sleep complaints, it is not surprising that sleep trackers have become enormously popular over the last few years. On waking up, our faithful Fitbit, Oura Ring or Withings Sleep Analyzer (to name just three) will inform you of the quantity & quality of your night's sleep, but just how accurate are they? Can the information these consumer sleep wearables provide be put to good use, or are they just another modern day gadget causing dependency and anxiety?

Special guest Dr Olivia Walch takes us through such questions to see how marketing claims hold up under the scrutiny of science, and discusses what role they can play in improving sleep health.

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