STA94 'Recognising Rheumatology' with special guest Jack March

In the final part of this month's 'Focus on CPD', we welcome special guest Jack March of Jack is Clinical Lead for the Rheumatology service delivered by Chews Health, and one of the voices behind The Physio Matters Podcast.

In this live hour, Jack talks to us about his 'Recognising Rheumatology' CPD courses, designed to help soft tissue therapists recognise symptoms and signs of rheumatologic conditions in clinical practice.

This is of huge importance because, as Jack explains, these sympoms often 'masquerade' as the type of lower back pain which most therapists and patients will be sorted via massage and manual therapy and as a result can go undiagnosed for years delaying important disease-modifying treatment.

Jack's website includes blogs, details of courses and the highly recommended Recognising Rheumatology Audio Book.

The next courses Jack has coming up are:

  • ONLINE - Recognising Rheumatology (half day): 12/April
  • BIRMINGHAM - Recognising Rheumatology (full day): 07/May
  • EXETER - Recognising Rheumatology (full day): 09/July

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • What is rheumatology?
  • How many disorders does the term rheumatology encapsulate?
  • Many health professionals including Physiotherapists don’t always spot Rheumatologic conditions. Why is this?
  • What are some of the common symptoms of rheumatological conditions that allow them to masquerade as musculoskeletal issues?
  • Common examples of missed diagnosis - plantarfasciopathy and tendinopathies 
  • Looking further than Cutaneous Psoriasis
  • Other types of rheumatologic conditions that we should be aware of: Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout.

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A huge thanks to Jack March for giving up his time to join us!

In April, our focus will be on SLEEP, with a whole month of episodes dedicated to SLEEP AWARENESS:

  • APRIL 5th - ‘Sleep – The Silent Epidemic’ with Jesse Cook, Clinical Psych PhD Student. Sleep Researcher.
  • APRIL 12th - ‘Sleep Trackers’ with Dr Olivia Walch, CEO of Arcascope, PhD Applied Mathematics.
  • APRIL 19th ‘Sleep: Injury & Performance’ with Dr Jonathan Charest, Director of Athlete Sleep Service at Centre For Sleep and Human Performance
  • APRIL 26th ‘In-Home Polysomnogram’ with Dr Amy M. Bender, Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra

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