STA93 CPD Focus: ’Active Kids are not Mini Adults’ with special guest Angela Jackson

And so we arrive at the fourth episode in this month's 'Focus on CPD' on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast. For this show entitled 'Active Kids are not Mini Adults' we bring you Angela Jackson, a physiotherapist on a mission to stop the pain and frustration that can happen in youth sport when an athlete develops an injury that with the right education could have been avoided.

Angela has worked in the NHS, privately and with sporting teams and youth athletes across all levels sharing her expertise in understanding all aspects of youth athlete development. For 15 years she has been the Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Consultant for Cheshire Cricket Board supporting the Emerging Player Programme, their coach education programme and providing workshops for parents and athletes on injury prevention and performance. She has also created coaching resources for the England & Wales Cricket Board Coaching Association “Wings to Fly” programme.

Anglea has created a series of courses “Active kids are not mini adults” and “Low back
Pain in Younger Athletes” for fellow health professionals available through her website

In this episode, Angela talks to us about the “Active kids are not mini adults” course, designed to teach therapists how to assess young athletes and develop a pathway for a safe return to sport and play whilst considering the impact of excess load on both the immature and mature body. The course can be taken as a fully online course with all practical elements studied via video recordings or an integrated online and F2F course where the theory modules are taken online in advance of a practical face-to-face day with Angela covering all aspects of assessment and return to play. 

Topics discussed include:


  • Why there has historically been a lack of education when it comes to working with younger athletes
  • Anatomical differences of an immature skeleton
  • How to tell the maturation status of a child and understand its impact on pathology and rehabilitation
  • Pathologies involved in growing tissues
  • How to recognise stress fractures and signs of overtraining
  • How to help educate the child/parent/carer/coach on the impact of poor nutrition, sleep, workload
  • Growth spurts, fatigue, overtraining and load management 
  • Who Angela's courses are for and what prior knowledge is needed 

Useful Links:

  • FREE EBOOK 'Growth & Maturation' - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • CPD Course Info:
  • Twitter: @angiejphysio
  • Instagram: @angiejphysio

A huge thanks to Angela Jackson for giving up her time to join us!


In the last of our March 'Focus on CPD' episodes on March 29th, special guest Jack March will be talking to us about his 'Recognising Rheumatology' CPD courses happening April, May and July both online and face to face. Jack was a guest back in Ep.38 of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast: Rheumatology 101 with Jack March  and generated a lot of interest in revealing how arthritis and other inflammatory or autoimmune conditions are far more common than many soft tissue therapists suspect, often disguising themselves as musculoskeletal issues. Many go undiagnosed for years delaying important disease-modifying treatment.

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