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Dr Fiona Higgs, PhD is an educator, researcher and Sports Massage and Exercise Therapy practitioner based in Northamptonshire (Move Well Clinic, UK). Fiona's online workshops and short courses (Move Well Learning) offer scenario-based learning to encourage and support therapy and exercise professionals to identify opportunities where measurement of motion and forces (i.e.: biomechanics) can be used to evaluate and monitor their clients' progress more accurately. Most people attending Move Well Learning workshops are therapists and exercise professionals who are interested in learning more about biomechanics, but either haven't studied it before or lack confidence in their prior learning. One of the key aims of her work is to provide more opportunities to therapy and exercise professionals to improve their scientific literacy, especially so that they can more comfortably read scientific research papers and keep up with developments. It is particularly important to Fiona that this material is made widely available to any person who wants to learn about it. In order to remove 'financial status' as a barrier to education, all materials are available on a 'Pay-what-you-can' basis so that anyone can attend workshops and courses, regardless of their budget. There is also no requirement for formal prior learning to attend any of the courses (although the content of the short-courses are best completed after attending the introductory workshops).

Fiona's academic background comprises over a decade of experience working in Higher Education. This includes several years of teaching first year Biomechanics modules to Sport and Exercise Science undergraduate students while completing her Masters and Doctoral studies at Aberystwyth University (2009-2014). She has also held roles providing learning support to undergraduate students across many disciplines at a number of UK universities (2008-2020). Fiona is a published author and has presented her research findings at international conferences. Her research interests are in the effects of targeted exercise interventions on falls risk, including strength, balance, quality of life, neuromuscular function and body composition in older adults.

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