STA affinity scheme insurance is available to members once an application has been approved, it currently costs £50.86 and we provide a link in the welcome letter in your Dropbox folder to deal directly with Balens Insurance who administer our policy. Insurance is not available to non STA members. It is a £6m liability and unlimited legal expenses policy. It includes as standard everything on the Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Sports Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation learning programmes. It also includes Dry Needling and Mobilisations to grade 4 but Medical acupuncture and Manipulations are excluded and require payment of additional premium. Associated fitness industry coaching, teaching , yoga, exercise referral, gym instruction, personal training and Pilates can be added for no extra cost if you have a qualification and provide Balens with the necessary evidence. This is not an exhaustive list and you should speak directly to Balens to ascertain if the policy meets your individual needs. The STA, along with other membership associations are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer insurance advice or to sell insurance products.

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